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Increase Cat's Comfort

Increase Cat's Comfort

Give your cat more variety in things to do. Have fun doing the exercises together. This will increase your pet's comfort level and strengthen your relationship.
Deflect Negative Behavior

Deflect Negative Behavior

Instead of punishing your cat for bad behavior, deflect it. Make use of clicker training. This method has been shown much more effective. See how easy it is.
See how it's done

See how it's done

Truly understand how it's done. Our book or video explain everything step by step.

What Customers Said

I'd heard about clicker-training cats but this was the first time I saw it in action, and my response was: "Cool!"


I think this video really helps cat owners to understand their cat. Our cat enjoys the attention she gets and she is playing already more now.


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About Us

What we do is to communicate with cats. We believe that cats are beautiful, intelligent animals and that there is no need for any form of punishment.

We focus on using one of the simplest forms of learning: Clicker Training.
Cats can't be trained? Think again. Almost any animal on this planet can be trained using this method.

Our guide happens to be the simplest and most effective one out there. Your cat shows unwanted behavior or suffers from anxiety? We have the solution.
No Spray bottle, Aluminum Foil or Artificial Pheromones necessary.

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